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At last, the 5 months and 16 days old ASUU Strike is finally over. I must confess the strike formed an ugly chapter in the history of our educational sector and Nigeria as a whole. Thanks to God that it has finally been suspended today after several attempts to bring it to an end.
Now let’s count our losses during the strike:
Extra Semester
It is really painful that Nigerian students that were affected by the strike now have inevitable extra semester to spend on their various campuses and it is not as if they have got carryover. This has quite a number of effects, part of which we have “Class downgrade and psychological injury”. Class downgrade – students that ought to have moved from one level to another, are still static in the level they ought to have left. Same applies to those who ought to have graduated this year and those who couldn’t go for service this year. This has caused psychological injury for some students.
Increased Crime & Prostitution Rate
Like they say, the devil’s workshop is an idle hand. The idleness of some students during the strike has made some venture into criminal acts. Unavailability of jobs in our nation also added to this. I have said this because some students told me they looked around for job that would keep them busy but all their efforts were fruitless.
It was also observed that the strike caused an increment in prostitution in our nation.
Economic effect
The closure of our varsities brought economic hardship upon those who run businesses within the walls of our campuses as well as bike riders (okada men) and bus drivers who navigate within our campuses.
This has also caused inflation in our campuses as business owners have hiked the price of goods and services.
Student/Landlord Issue
Students staying off campus that had paid their rent have lost part of it without enjoying their money. It is not as though FG or ASUU will compensate them or appease their Landlords who will come barging in at them when they resume back to school for house rent. It is a huge loss.
Loss of Appetite for learning by students
One of the effects of the strike also include the afore mentioned point as most students took to the internet, some got glued to music, football betting and other sorts of activities to keep them from boredom and idleness.

I think I should draw the curtain here with that last point because I wouldn’t be able to highlight all the losses even if I continued.

ASUU/FG should please always consider the effect of industrial action on students and other stakeholders. For example, some of students have died during the strike and I am sure the death of some would have been avoided if we were in school; though death is inevitable. I guess that’s why students weren’t happy with ASUU when they prolonged matter because of the death of one of them.

I pray we will not experience such again o. Amen.

  1. chima ikenna says:

    Thanks man awesome news

  2. onyewuchi chukwudi says:

    very good observation bro,ASUU and FG need to know that they can’t take students for granted in their battle of wits and ego.keep it up man,the sky is your starting point

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