Election Postponement

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

I  watched Jega make the official announcement of the  new poll dates (March 28 n April 11) .  I wonder where we r heading in Nigeria? Feb 14 n 28 elections timetable which was  released over year ago now became useless only 6days to the prefixed date.

Jega Stated InSecurity as the main fuel for the postponement fire; insecurity in the sense our security departments said they couldn’t assure INEC security for the elections.

If that’s d case, I wonder what security would be like if GEJ is re-elected. If GEJ being the GCFR as well as one of the main Presidential aspirants in the election is equally in support of the postponement, then am afraid there is NO BRIGHT FUTURE for Nigeria with him being the paddler of our Nation’s boat. He has just displayed with pride again that he is totally incapable to lead us.

Well, I think it is high time we all started getting involved in politics, not just as observers or for the mere knowledge of information  but as intellects and activists who want progress for our nation. I should rest my pen here.

Pls don’t sit back at home with your PVC on election day. Let’s go out enmass n exercise our franchise.   Wisely Choose the candidates u will cast ur vote for, remember ur vote is ur power as an electorate.

God bless Nigeria.

Written by Sheunoye.

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