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WORDS TODAY BY RASAK OLANREWAJU (LATRIX). 08163157843. rasaksalaam@gmail.com

Park, park, i say pack down are u deaf? He said glowingly at our driver. Obediently, he parked down and first of all wanted to do the right thing. He presented his car particulars to the policeman. Hysterically, the policeman laughed and was about to burst into annoyance. Come down, come down, i say run come down. At this juncture, the driver already knew what was responsible for the demeanour of the police officer. Manoeuvringly, he squeezed a #50 note into the pocket of the police officer as he stepped down from the bus.
  Instantaneously without checking the particulars he was told to ride on but was warned by the police officer, saying, “wetin dey do una drivers self, shee u no know the right thing before u wan kan delay ur commuters”. The driver said, “Oga no vex, i no go repeat am again”. The journey continued.
  Immediately we stepped further cocoa house in ibadan, we saw another police tarmac. Without any discussion whatsoever our driver pointed another #50 note to the police officer and he collected it and said “My man, safe journey we go see when you drive back from ijebu”. Within me, i was perturbed with troubling questions. Is this the primary function of the policemen on the road? If we carry exhibits, is this how we would be screened? Is it now constitutionally legal to collect #50 naira from motorists? In fact, have they been ordered back on the road by the current Inspector General?  
  As I was pondering on this obsfucating drama. We ran into another police tarmac at oru juncture. As usual, our driver pointed #50naira as we ride on. Same occurred when we got to Ago-iwoye juncture. Before we arrived at ijebu-ode, the police tarmacs we ran into became uncountable. It was as if they manned the road because of miscreants but i was told the road is devoid of armed robbery, pick- pockets and all sort of vices. That is the daily routine and conventional rules of Nigerian Police. A passenger said intermittently. Are you a fresher to the system? He asked me. I nodded in a confusing manner.
  At long last, the bus ascended at ibadan garage. And I navigated my journey further to Epe garage with the sole thought ‘We must right this wrong’.  These odious rules must not continue. If it is legal as it is rampantly practiced across the Nation, then, the Inspector General, Solomon Arase should publicly affirm it. Enough of this act. General Muhammed Buhari is enjoined not to exempt police activities in checking corruption and corrupt officials. To make Nigeria a land of delight, each executive agency must be well positioned. #Needful.

Two more things. 

My voyage back from ijebu to oyo on the 3rd of November was also not short of activities, quite eventful amid everyday maladroits in Nigeria.
It no longer a mere-saying the words of the Yoruba, which says “Iriri loje ki oju agba jin, owun ti agba ba ri bi omode gungi ope ko leeri”.  Literally, “experiences make the old people eyes incurred, what the aged could see if a child climbs the tallest palmwine tree, it won’t be seen”. Lately, the just released chief Olu Falae by his abductors, recommended that herdsmen should be constrained to ranches. Government should formulate policy that will curb the wandering of cattles and take Falae’s recommendation worthwhile.  It was a depressing eyesore when a cow ran into a speeding car along ijebu-ibadan expressway. The accident was fatal that the cow died on spur of the moment, windscreen broken but God divinely rescued the situation as death were not recorded. More pathetic was the act of our so-called policemen. The incidence occurred in a few distance to a police tarmac. And despite their awareness of the accident they refused to come to the aid of the victims. But sadly, they maintained collection of #50 naira. what a shame in our police system. Are these the set of individuals that would enforce rules and regulations? The promised change must not fashion out this direction in our police system. The Inspector General, Solomon Arase, must radically look into this, acute definition should be made to the convetional collection of #50.00 naira. Equally, the federal government must see it as worthwhile to limit cattle rearers to using ranches and anyone found guilty of the policy should be punished accordingly. #Crucial.

Lagosians song of ragge turned blues on November 5, in the Toyota bus-stop axis, along Apapa-Oshodi expressway, which witnessed an accident involving an articulated truck carrying a container which caused heavy gridlock all the way to Ilasa. The container fell on a bus which led to mass deaths. The residents and eye-witness were blued, gloomed and sordid with the shower of bloods and untimely death of those in the bus.
This occured after a month that the Lagos state government has pledged to implement the ‘Lagos state road traffic law 2012’ which states that trailers are therefore restricted from highways between 6am – 9pm. But in practice, are we operating this law? We know a commoner or feet of clay could not possess a trailer, they belong to the elitists who formulate the law. In a developed society, trailers don’t move in broad daylight, their roads is also different from vehicles and buses networks.  In Germany, trailers pathways is constructed in the forest far from the bustling communities. This has been a recurring decimal and if not arrested could foster more death of innocent souls. All states government must temporarily implement the restricted movement of trucks from 6am-9pm as the Federal government generate a lasting solution. We must cherish the soul of every single Nigerian as it is done in developed countries. #Cautionary.

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