Posted: November 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Written by: Oladele Charles (Charlesidonn)

Revolutionary greetings to all GREAT IFE Students, happy resumption to you all and I am wishing everyone a distinctive semester.
Much has been said about the CHANGE being championed by the Central Government and the need for every Nigerian, irrespective of age, tribe, religion, and gender to key to it because it is the only constant thing in life. True change starts with individual and this should be reflected in our everyday conduct.
This write up is not to help drum support for any political party, but it is to borrow a leaf from their slogan in deed and by example, not by precept on the issue of Severe Maximum Shishi (SMS).
SMS has been an age long tradition of our conscious community to deal with those found guilty of stealing and in the process, instill fears and warning to other students with such ulterior motive to desist from it. The SMS entails parading the culprit all through the Undergraduate Halls of Residence and beating such person(s) in the process.
While I appreciate the efforts of the Security Committees (both Halls of Residence and S.U.), I wish to proffer an alternative to the SMS. This alternative is COMMUNITY SERVICE. This Community Service entails the Convicted culprit being asked to perform tasks like cutting grass, washing toilets and bathrooms, sweeping cafes and Common Rooms, Lecture theatre, etc.
This sort of punishment poses no physical harm to the culprit and there won’t be need to fear rushing such person to Health Centre. The culprit will still be paraded round the Halls of Residence WITHOUT BEING BEATING, after which the appropriate Community Service sanction will be melted out. The culprit will also be asked to write and paste a printed apology letter at all the notice boards both in Halls of residence and academics.
I enjoin all those concerned to give Community Service punishment a serious thought.

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