Rise Up Again

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Uncategorized




As we all know, one of the major highlights of life that is quite inevitable is falling down. By falling down, I do not literally mean falling from a high elevation, rather, it means failing or getting disappointed either academically or in one’s relationship or even career, to mention but a few.
Considering Newton’s third Law of Motion which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This means that for every action, there must be a counter-action which will annul the effect of the first action. In the same accord, a man is expected to rise up again after falling.
It is believed that if a man fails in school, the society will surely forgive him if he chooses to rise up again and become successful, but if a man fails in school and fails in life as well, the society won’t forgive him because his life is a product of his decisions.
Some people might be thinking they are responsible for their failure, which might be true, and at the same time, some people might also be thinking and probably angry because they feel they are not responsible for their failure, which also might be true. The truth is the deed has been done and the failure should rather be seen as a life lesson.
Like they say, a man will not grow if a man keeps rereading a chapter of his life. Whatever might have happened to you has now become a part of your past and the past is meant to be a record, it is not meant to be recalled every time. Do not let whatever has happened weigh you down, rather, let it spur you forward.
Stand up and rise again. Stand up and rise above your limitations.

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