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Ubah Emannuel aka Neuk is a 300 level Microbiology student of Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a vast rapper. Breathless is a new single you would so much enjoy and he featured Oluwadamilola in this. Oluwadamilola is a 100level English student of Obafemi Awolowo University and her voice is something to look out for.

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street parole

Street – Timicoal ft Thoye & Okhex Zaki

Oluwole Timilehin Coal also known as Timicoal is an undergraduate of OAU and he is recently signed to KMR (Kings Mind Record). This is his first single under the label. This jam features rapper Thoye and fellow label mate\CEO Okhex Zaki….this will surely make you dance and it promises to be a blessing to the #Street……follow him on social media:

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Yes, yes……2014 has just 6hrs 50mins and some secs for it to go (as at the time of filing this post). Yes, I know the journey has not been totally easy, we have had hurdles to jump during the journey and despite that, we made it to the end of it. It has not been by our individual or collective strength but by the grace of God. I am grateful to God for everything.

I will definitely be an ingrate if i refuse to appreciate you, yes you, you reading this post at this moment. I am so grateful to you all. I can assure you that you will never meet disappointment on this channel. Thanks a million.

I know by the grace of God, I will definitely catch you all again in 2015. I wish you all a prosperous, blessed and testimony filled 2015.

Stay blessed.


A 19 year-old apprentice welder (names withheld) was caught
today making love to a hen. The fowl
reportedly died during the act.
The taboo was said to have been
committed by the apprentice
at about 11.20 p.m. at Continental area of Akure metropolis.
The suspect, Vanguard learnt, had
committed same taboo with a goat in his home town, Afo in Ose council area of the state.
He was said to have been ex-
communicated from his home town
because of the offence which made him to move in with his brother in Akure.
Speaking with newsmen, the owner of
fowl, Mrs Stella Akintola, who resides in the same building confirmed that the man actually made love to her chicken.
According to her, she went to bed early but was woken up by the noise coming from the chickens at the back of her room, an indication that someone was disturbing their peace.
The discovery
Akintola said she went outside only to
find that the back door was still opened.
According to her, she became curious
and “I shouted to know who was still at the backyard only for him to appear from the corner of the house, saying he went to the toilet because he had a running stomach.”
Akintola said she was not convinced
especially as she noticed that the noise from the chickens’ pen stopped abruptly.
She said she went to where the chickens were but nothing was found. “It was when I visited the toilet that I found one of the them stone dead with its feathers littering the floor,” she said.
Still unaware that the suspect was the cause of the death of the bird, Akintola said she raised an alarm only for him to confess that he was responsible for the death of the fowl.
Akintola said the suspect confessed and begged her for forgiveness, saying he would pay any amount for the dead fowl.
She said she decided not to report the
matter to the police because she could
not stand the rigour she would be
subjected to by the police over a “minor offence.”
Report had it that there were evidence that the man actually had sex with the hen when it was examined by the owner and others living in the building.
A spirit directed me to do it —Suspect
In an interview with newsmen, the
suspect, who declined to speak initially, however, said a spirit directed him to do what he did.
He said: “I was already sleeping when
a spirit just came upon me and directed me to go to the back of the building. I did not know what I was doing again until when I discovered that I had slept with the hen.”
Contacted, the police image maker,
Wole Ogodo, said since the matter was not reported to the police, he could not comment on it.
Ogodo noted that “it is what members of the public bring to our notice that we investigate. This is a strange occurrence if what you are telling me is the truth.”

MONROVIA (AFP) – Armed men attacked an Ebola isolation ward in the Liberian capital Monrovia overnight, prompting 29 patients to flee the facility, witnesses said Sunday.
“They broke down the doors and looted the place.
The patients all fled,” said Rebecca Wesseh, who witnessed the attack and whose report was confirmed
by residents and the head of Health Workers Association of Liberian, George Williams

The Kwara State Government has said that the seven-month-old baby who was isolated in the state on the suspicion that the boy had Ebola has tested negative to the virus.
He stated that with this development , the state is currently free from the deadly Ebola virus disease. He was said to have manifested symptoms similar to Ebola disease, lassa fever and malaria.
The Special Assistant to the Kwara State Governor on Information, Deji Oni, in a statement on Sunday stated that the state government had received the result of the suspect’s test from the Lagos University
Teaching Hospital which showed that the boy tested negative to the Ebola virus.
Oni who is a member, Kwara State Committee on the Prevention and Control of Ebola Virus, stated that with the development, the state remains Ebola free.
He said, “It would be recalled that the rumor mill was agog some days ago about a reported case of Ebola infection in the state.
“As a responsible and responsive government, we swung into action by closing down the hospital wherethe suspected case was reported and immediately isolated the patient at the Sobi Specialist Hospital, Ilorin where necessary medication was administered on the child and the blood sample taken to Lagos to
ascertain what the real cause of his sickness.
“The test result from LUTH has subsequently proven negative. Effectively, Kwara has no confirmed case of Ebola at the moment. However, the public is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspected case to the nearest hospital while continuing to take precautions against infection.”
Oni noted that shortly after the country recorded the first case, the state government inaugurated a
14-man Committee on the prevention and control of the virus.
He added that the governor also ordered the immediate procurement of laboratory equipment and reagents which are already stationed at the
Harmony Advanced Medical Diagnostic Centre, Ilorin.
He said, “The state had also set up three Isolation Centres, one each in the three senatorial districts –
Sobi Specialist Hospital, Ilorin, General Hospital, Omuaran and General Hospital, Okuta. A special training was also organised for health care givers on how to handle Ebola patients.
“Presently two ambulances had been dedicated to handle any suspected case of the virus.”



Finally light at the end of the tunnel. The first Ebola patient to be confrimed positive has been discharged in Lagos.
The Minster of Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu confirmed this saying the patient ,a female doctor now tested negetive .He however did not reveal her name.He also said five of those undergoing treatment have almost recovered.

It is been confirmed to be Doctor Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, a consultant and Endocrinologist at First Consultant Hospital,Lagos.She was the first to test positive after coming in contact with Sawyer..

  He also said Nanosilver (the drug which was to be used on Ebola Patients)failed to pass the ethical test, will not be used.


[BIO] He is CHARMBUCK Real name Ogele Emmanuel Enoho He is from Delta state Repping KWASU Repping IB city/Lasgidi He has done with great artistes The PAPARAZZI TI PO JU crooner who killed it with TUWYZE Set to drop another single Its a freestyle tho., TITLED:#FreeStyleOfLife A skillful rapper He is dangerous He is somewhere near you He is metaphorical He is called lyrical boy Loaded with punchlines He is different from other rappers He is dope… #AnticipateTheNewComing #AnticipateTheNewcoming #AnticipateTheNewComing #AnticipateTheNewComing #AnticipateTheNewComing A song dedicated to my lovely mom’s birthday sept 7/9/14

FREESTYLE OF LIFE [Lyrics] by @Charmbuckology

INTRO: Prah, He done tey.. Huh,but ok i Iet the story begins I let the story beings Yezzir, (clear throat) hhhhhh (Listen up2x), I wanna drop hhhh like I am the bomb.. (He done tey)2x Prah, (Anything I talk)2x, take it like that, Love it like that k..

[VERSE] Agrrr…. I started young now Charmbuckology Won ni ki lo so paparazzi mi ti po ju U can’t do me nuffing brother Yea I got this game Can’t do me nuffin brother Yea I got this game I say hustle state of mind coming soon Coming soon I know no who go dey for this track Yea am blasting soon But I know say I fit do anyfin anyhow Something like sex I fit do am anyhow k yo… Okay,am popping and popping Taking the game yea embarass him Uhu Wasn’t in…wasn’t him in the game? The boiz so sad so they been blocking Uhu He done tey now u love him He done tey here wey u f**k wiv him He done tey we are the same just coming around here so we block him Huh? U got me got me now Fear love when you got him now Living on top of the pinnacle Niggas oh but will blast him now hah Nothing do me nigguh Why are u getting on me? ALGAES…they’re GAYS Bacterial-things, They’re GAY(AL-GAE)…Fungi Hommy is the hommies Freestyle session coming anyhow I don’t need to write this Oh boy he don tey wey we done dey do am Am making it rain Something like that’s the FACT joe…..get it I know I make it rain Something like the FACT joe…..get it

[Short hook] Hommy is the hommies Hey u f**k wiv me I got this game now Stay focus Niggas f**k wiv me Charmbuckology Am ready to murder you They can’t see me Niggas here cos aint getting close to you Agrrrhh… I ready ready to blast him I won freestyle do am finish I know say guy he go hard me oh To ba ti gbo me boy run away Am getting this game now Charmbuckology ready to twist To take this game over now Popping it popping it taking the game Hom..Hommies side are mocking the game Can do me nuffin making it rain The devil is sad he smiles wiv the reign No taking away boy I belong to this spot Something like the EA nigguh I EA sport my self now My life no pain Why u hating on me my brother? Paparazzi me ti po ju He don tey I drop the shit now Hustle state of mind dropping soon By the way I go do am Them go say where he dey come from When hustle no won pay guy Mo ti wo le now When hustle no won change guy Mo ti gbo owo now Hah je ko wo le lowkey To ba te ki ni ye To be to se bi Won to ni charmbuck u done dey mad Guy Wetin be lowkey I pass the shit something like football I brought it back something like germany don win world cup I make it rain I do sexy nigguh never flop U no fit do wetin I dey do He don tey wey charmbuck done ball oh Having fun when u f**king wiv me Told me then u were mocking him Charmbuckology doing shit Nobody’s really wanna stopping him oh Have been going around world we been killing him Topping all over vibes we healing him Sick with the flows this time no one stuff is healing him The way u pop The way u knock The way u form Sexy flow charmbuckology now he is heading to the top Ma ma fe mi we e guy I different from ya something like I differ from you and that what’s up I get it now For hommy is the hommy Have been repping IB City If u don’t know me niggas f**k yo niggas You can’t Be me Something like second alphabet You can’t B i C*see* through D E efF u my brother I freestyle a lot session Charmbuck ready to drop now Something like the stage da boy Am ready to get the bomb now freestyle session huh huh.. Something like the stage da boss O boy the boy don tey when we niggas don dey ball I know say I dey do am while u loving him All time we bubbling I dey freestyle noni u dey hear wetin I dey talk no one is stopping him Am going in (going in)2x killing the rappers no one on go popping him oh What’s the P?………….USSY Nigguh…….huh

Twitter handler: @Charmbuckology We fellow back tho

Facebook:Ogele Mic-killer Charmbuckology

Lyrics compiled by charmbuck